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C3 Security provides cyber security consulting, services and solutions for federal, state and local government agencies; healthcare organizations; educational institutions; and commercial/enterprise organizations nationwide. C3 provides security services directly to clients, as a sub-contractor to systems integrators and as a sub-contractor to security manufacturers.  As a result, C3 has a substantial exposure and reach to a large client base, bolstered by a strong reputation.

Specializing in endpoint security and protection, drive encryption and security incident and event management (SIEM), C3 Security supports customers from architecture to deployment to support. Our security managed services offering ensures the IT products we deploy remain up and running, providing our customers with the best experience.

We offer a wide range of cyber security services.

C3 Security offers a wide range of customizable cyber security services as well as industry-leading cyber security products for both computers and mobile technology. Committed to proactively countering security threats, we provide security management and consultation to commercial, industrial, and military enterprises in addition to training in the deployment, configuration, and management of Intel Security/McAfee (DISA HBSS) computer and network security technology.

Our managed security offering lowers operational costs while improving defenses.

The managed security services that we provide our customers eliminates the operational costs associated with internally managing security, maintaining on-site security personnel, and purchasing additional servers. We leverage the knowledge and experience gained by managing large enterprise environments across various industries and apply these security “best-practices” across our customers’ systems, providing all of our clients – large and small alike – with the benefit of a broad view of security threats and solutions.

We are the experts whom the experts rely on.

We tailor creative cyber security solutions for our customers’ unique situations. Recognizing the different security demands placed upon various industries and enterprise levels, we differentiate our services accordingly. We work with industry leaders, like Intel Security, on projects, ensuring that we stay at the cutting edge of new technologies as they develop.

Our customized training gives cyber security graduates a distinct advantage.

We customize training programs to suit the individual needs of our clients. From individuals seeking to gain an edge in the cyber security industry to companies providing training to staff, our specialized programs have provided a distinct professional advantage to hundreds of graduates.

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