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professional-servicesWith the threats posed by hackers, viruses, spyware, and adware, enterprises often require multiple security programs to protect documents, email, and entire networks. However, managing each of these programs individually is costly and time-consuming. McAfee’s ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator) provides a single, interactive console that allows users to monitor all security programs in real time at once, streamlining your security management technology, saving you money, time, and human capital.

Extensive experience with planning and designing the ePO structure means we’ll meet your organization’s requirements efficiently and expertly. Whether an organization has one or many locations, we can create a design to accommodate bandwidth usage, hardware performance, and unique security demands.

Architecting a strategic management plan

Our highly trained experts employ the best-practice methods developed by Intel Security in order to ensure our clients a security management system that complies with all of their security requirements. Our methodology incorporates:

  • Identifying an enterprise’s risks and security objectives
  • Assessing existing security programs
  • Drafting a deployment strategy based on security policies and reporting requirements
  • Developing a project plan that mitigates risks and meets objectives

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