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service-checkupBecause cyber security threats change constantly, your McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) should be regularly assessed, updated, tuned, and optimized. Staying abreast of threats and solutions guarantees a more secure, reliable environment and ensures your ePO performs at optimum functionality.

Our experts configure and utilize the ePO server efficiently and to the fullest extent. By identifying system and policy configuration areas that are in need of attention, our Health Check Service enhances the performance and security of each element of your enterprise’s security infrastructure.

Optimize your ePO environment

To get the most out of any investment, maintenance is required. We’ll help you keep your security operations running smoothly by employing McAfee’s Health Check guidelines, which include:

  • Assessing the health of your ePO
  • Fine-tuning the configuration of your ePO
  • Refining alerts and notifications
  • Optimizing with additional, updated functionality

Security assessment when you need it

From a single assessment to guarantee that security operations are running optimally to quarterly reviews, C3 Security provides security assessments when you need them. In addition to regularly scheduled assessments and reviews, emergency assessments are available to help a company navigate through critical security incidents as they happen.

The scope of ePO consulting engagements ranges from two days to a week, depending on the number of systems being employed by the company as well as the software in use. On-site visits mean that these sessions are not only more secure but also more meaningful, as we are able to use that time to gain a more sophisticated understanding of our clients’ requirements.

When an assessment has been completed, the C3 Security client receives an engagement summary report that outlines the findings and lists recommendations to enhance the network’s security.

In addition to a review of day-to-day operations, ePO Health Check Services include assessments of:

  • ePO and SQL configuration and maintenance
  • System tree configuration, sorting, etc.
  • Server tasks, client tasks, tags, etc. for proper processor and bandwidth management
  • Distributed repository usage, assignment, and management
  • Product policies and assignments for proper use (MA, VSE, HIPS, DE, DLP)
  • Dashboards and reports for proper use
  • User and permission sets for proper use

Supported products include:

  • ePolicy Orchestrator
  • VirusScan Enterprise
  • Host Intrusion Prevention (IPS and Firewall)
  • Data Loss Prevention/Device Control
  • McAfee Application Control
  • Drive Encryption
  • File and Removable Media Protection
  • Site Advisor Enterprise

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